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Had been 10 years
Mr. Tatsushi Syono

Since I was 42 years old, I’d been had heavy headaches very often for 10 years. It was so bad that I felt sore from just wearing business suits on. However, from the day on May of last year I began to wear YUMENORENZU with my friend’s recommendation, it has been getting better slowly but surely, and after a while, I’ve got to have no problems wearing suits. Feel like I am a new man.
The other day, I bought other pair of glasses which cost me about 30,000yen, but I couldn’t even wear these for a day because these caused my sight distortion, luck of sense of distance, and so on. I think those 30,000yen glasses were too expensive, but YUMENORENZU is not, even it actually costs 100,000yen for lens only, because it really worth!


Unbelievably good glasses!
Mr. Takayuki Kurisu

I’ve tried many pairs of glasses which were “the best” at many different eyeglass shops, but none of them ever fit me good. Even in Tokyo, I visited several eyeglass shops and bought an expensive pair which didn’t work for me either. I despaired of ever finding a fine pair of glasses. But one day, I just dropped in at Tenjin Aigan, got explained about YUMENORENZU, and bought a pair of bifocals. Then I was shocked. Right after I started to wear it, I can see everything so naturally, doesn’t matter here or there. I see. It is “YUMENORENZU (Dream Lens)”. I totally understand why it is called so. Yes, I recommend it.


“My son goes to La Salle junior high school asked...”
A mother of a 13 years old boy

My son goes to La Salle junior high school in Kagoshima asked me to send him same kind of glasses as the one he had, because he lost it. I told him to buy one at a glasses shop close by, but he replied “No, that YUMENORENZU glasses don’t make my eyes or body tired, have me being able to concentrate on study, so my grade has improved. Any others cannot substitute for it.

A housewife – 42 years old

I had been suffered from headaches for years.

Since I have good eyes, haven’t ever worn glasses before, but with one of my friend’s suggestion, I started wear YUMENORENZU. I was amazed it got me feel much better and better. Now I’d suggest it not only to the people who need prescription glasses, but also to the ones who have good eyes like I do.

“No more massage needed”
An Executive officer – 75 years old

When I was not feeling well without getting massage everyday, one of my friends suggested getting a pair of glasses made of YUMENORENZU to me. Yes, it was surely good, I could see very well with it, so I was always wearing it. One day my massager told me that I hadn’t came to see him for a while. Then I finally realized that after started to wear YUMENORENZU, I feel fine, I am not in need of massages as often, and even forgot to go to get it. It’s just like my whole body have been rejuvenated unconsciously. Now I even bought another pair of YUMENZORENZU for spare.

“Made me like reading books”
A girl – 8 years old

The glasses I got 4 months ago make my eyes so tired, but YUMENORENZU doesn’t. Now I can read a lot thanks for YUMENORENZU. I love reading books!

“Irritation has gone”
An elementary school teacher – 36 years old

After I started to wear YUMENORENZU, unlike before, I don’t get tired or irritated by teaching classes, preparing for it, or even in P.E. class.

A TV performer – 47 years old

It’s awesome! I’m in good condition with it.
I used to get exhausted at night, but no more.

“I was sick before”
A receptionist at an eye clinic – 58 years old

I got sick out of my hard work everyday, and it became so stressful for me to go to work. However, after I started to wear YUMENORENZU, I became very healthy and fine. Now I can’t believe I was that sick then.

“Got me feel better”
A professor of a national university – 60 years old

I heard about YUMENORENZU from my fellow professors. 5 of them had already bought one, and I became the 6th YUMENORENZU lover. It got me feel much better and released from tiredness out of teaching job.

“Just right for study”
A student preparing for university exam - 17 years old

Very comfortable. Before, I often had to take glasses off and refresh my eyes while studying, but now with YUMENORENZU, I don’t have to do that anymore. I didn’t expect that lenses make such a difference to me. Thank you very much for the great glasses.

“Good bye to eyestrain”
An office worker – 39 years old

I bought this YUMENORENZU to wear when I drive a car, but now I always use it because it’s very comfortable. I used to have dry eyes when I get eyestrain, but now I don’t.

“It set me free from stiff shoulders”
A housewife - 52 years old

I really enjoy it. Actually, my stiff shoulders stopped torturing me after I started to wear YUMENORENZU. It is great. I’d totally recommend it.

“When I read…”
A junior high school student – 14 years old

I wear these glasses when I read books. I used to stop reading quickly because I couldn’t stand with my eyes being tired. But in case of YUMENORENZU, it was different. It lets me be able to read longer hours which make me so happy.

※It is individual impression of a customer who actually used "YUMENORENZU". It is not the one to show the effect.